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Image of For The Love Of Music by John Hood (Book + CD)

For The Love Of Music by John Hood (Book + CD)


In the mid-1960’s John Hood, inspired by the Rolling Stones and their blues influences, commenced a musical journey that continues to this day. John’s harmonica, and later, guitar playing, stamped him as one of the best blues musicians ever to come out of Western Australia.

John’s new musical autobiography covers his formative years in NSW and WA, his first bands in Perth, his struggle with conscription and the Vietnam War, his time in 78 Records and his years with Sid Rumpo and The Elks. Sid Rumpo won the Perth Hoadley's ‘Battle of the Sounds’, moved to Melbourne and played at the 1973 Sunbury Rock Festival. The Elks, featuring Terry Serio on vocals, made three tours of Melbourne and Canberra and recorded their ‘Refer to Drawer’ album with Wilbur Wylde and Joe Camilleri. This cemented their reputation as Australia’s premier Chicago Blues Band.

In his later years, John recorded a series of disparate solo CDs, reflecting his broad musical interests and revealing him to be a fine composer in a variety of styles. Read John’s considered personal, and sometimes provocative, thoughts on music, composition and improvisation.

This book is about a man who was determined to live and play music on his own terms. It is the story of a life devoted to the pursuit of a personal musical expression.

The book includes many previously unpublished photographs. It also contains an accompanying CD, which features thirteen tracks drawn from the gamut of John’s musical history.

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